Newly Qualified Teacher Induction

N.Q.T.s are offered mentor support from Alison Arkinstall throughout their induction period and are helped to make the most of all the valuable professional development resources on offer through the Central South Consortium (C.S.C.)  

We direct N.Q.T.s to the advice on the process of completing learning passports and securing an external verifier via the Education Workforce Council (E.W.C.)  We also provide links to the HWB for professional development.

Where necessary we can verify sessions worked by supply teachers when they are completing their induction period.

In addition to offering advice and guidance to all staff on a day to day basis, Alison has over 25 years primary teaching experience and has a close working relationship with all the schools served by Celtic Teachers. This means we are well informed when it comes to matching staff and schools. In turn N.Q.T.s feel well supported within our schools and many are quickly offered repeat bookings or long term placements.

We seek feedback from our schools to help improve our N.Q.T.s performance. Where necessary we offer guidance based on comments from schools but mainly we provide the positive feedback we receive which invariably boosts the confidence of N.Q.T.s and more experienced staff.

We regularly share valuable links to the C.S.C. so that N.Q.T.s have access to the induction and ongoing professional development courses available. In addition to this we offer free online training to all staff e.g. Safeguarding, Autism Awareness, Children’s Mental Health, Mindfulness and Behaviour Management.

Professional Learning Strategy for N.Q.T.s

The Central South Consortium offers a wide range of training and support throughout your teaching career.  We highly recommend that all our teachers take advantage of the C.S.C.’s vast range of free professional development available. 

General Professional Learning

Pedagogy - Advancing learning and influencing others

Collaboration - Working with others/Communication

Induction for Short Term Supply Teachers

We offer all staff one to one advice and support via Zoom meetings and phone calls and are available 7 days a week from 7a.m. to 10p.m.

We also offer free professional advice on writing personal statements and job applications. This can be for posts in schools where we have placed N.Q.T.s or in schools where they have never worked. With a few useful pointers this has frequently made the difference to an N.Q.T. getting shortlisted. We also offer advice on interview technique and actively encourage and help all our teachers to achieve  temporary and permanent contracts.

Celtic Teachers: Excellent service for schools, and support for supply teachers

Covering South Wales including Bridgend, Porthcawl, Cardiff, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Cowbridge, the Vale of Glamorgan and anywhere in-between.